At last our favorite inmates are back! And we can’t wait to go into lockdown (read: binge watching) with Piper, Taystee, Red, Crazy Eyes and the rest of the gang with season two on Netflix this weekend. Will Piper be locked in solitary forever? Will Red get her kitchen back? Will Daya have her baby and is Porn Stache gone forever? It’s finally time to find out! Gather up your friends for the ultimate OITNB viewing party full of prison snacks, fan gear and, of course, some hooch. This party is going on your permanent record.

1. Visitor Badge ID Stickers ($6): Just like behind bars, all visitors need to be ID’ed before entering. Tag each of your guests with a badge and challenge them to come up with their own prison name.

2. Quotable Straw Toppers: We’ve all got our favorite one-liners from the gals behind bars. Pick yours with these hilarious printable straw toppers. (via Hydrangea Hippo)

3. Orange White Russian: Pay homage to the Red lady herself with this twist on a classic White Russian. You’ll love the citrus touch from a fresh orange and Cointreau. (via Parade)

4. Character Posters: Decorate your space with iconic images depicting your favorite characters — from Piper to Pennsatucky — with these minimalist posters. (via Brix Pierce)

5. Mug Shot Photo Booth: Play convict during episode breaks by setting up a mug shot photo booth for you and your friends. You’ll have so much fun coming up with the crimes they’ve been arrested for. Say cheese! (via The Idea Baker)

6. Chicken Kiev: : Remember when all Red wanted was a chicken to make her famous dish? No one got her that chicken, but with the help of access to supermarkets you can make her famous Chicken Kiev (and other recipes like Prison Pad Thai) at home while you watch! Psst… there’s also a whole OITNB cookbook in the works! (via Taste)

7. Rose Temporary Tattoos ($1 each): You can’t play inmate without the ink. Get an imitation (and washable) version of Alex Vause’s rosey sleeve with these temporary tats.

8. I Threw My Pie For You Keychain ($10): Celebrate true love wherever you go with this famous one-liner from Crazy Eyes. A reminder that no matter where you are, driving or unlocking the house door, nothing says “I love you” like a little food fight.

9. Fried Dandelions: Speaking of Crazy Eyes, you can’t help but love her floral nickname for Piper. Celebrate all things “Dandelion” by eating the actually delicious flower in tasty fried croquettes. (via Wood Fired Kitchen)

10. Do the Taystee Twist: If there’s one thing for sure, the girls of Litchfield Federal Penitentiary know how to party. Turn your binge watching sesh up a notch with a few of their best moves, like Taystee’s twist! (via Orange is the New Black)

11. Screwdriver: There may never be a more infamous tool than the screwdriver after Piper’s incident on OITNB. Celebrate it with the cocktail by the same name — and a clever garnish to boot. (via Bite Me More)

12. Character Masks: No need to do your hair and makeup for this bash. You can get each characters’ looks just by cutting out these fun masks! (via Buzzfeed)

13. Taco Night Popcorn: What’s the favorite night in Litchfield? For most of the girls, it’s when dinner means taco night. Instead of setting up a taco bar, serve up the ultimate viewing munchie: Popcorn seasoned with delicious taco flavorings. (via Gimme Some Oven)

14. Orange is the New Black Sticker Decals ($2): Prison is far too casual for wine charms. Instead, hand out a character sticker to each of your friends to ID their drinks. Now it’s just about choosing which friend is which inmate!

15. Six Compartment Trays ($50): You’re not going to want to leave the couch to eat, so why not go prison style with some dinner trays fit with different sections for your mains, fruits and veggies. After all, Red would encourage good nutrition!

16. Blood Orange Sorbet Gin Float: The inmates would trade their toilet hooch for this cool down cocktail mixed with sorbet, club soda, gin and a refreshing hint of rosemary. (via Cupcakes + Cutlery)

17. Orange Striped Mustache Straws ($8 for 10): He’s the guy you love to hate so of course he deserves a little mocking. Get in your Porn Stache laughs with these (obviously orange) mustache straws.

18. I Heart You OITNB Mug ($15): We love that OITNB celebrates all kinds of love. And whether you root for or against Piper and Vause getting back together, you’ll fall hard for drinking your morning coffee out of this celebratory mug. Especially when your viewing party goes late into the night.

19. Mini Cherry Pies: This blogger made throwing a pie in the name of love even easier with these mini, hand-sized versions. Make yours in a muffin tin… whether you throw it or eat it is up to you. (via Sweet Pea’s Kitchen)

20. Butter Soft Scrubs ($15): Hours of binge watching on the couch calls for comfy pants anyway, so why not go inmate-chic in some faux-prison garb?

21. Orange Is the New Black Pinback Buttons ($7): Wear your love for the show as a badge of honor with these character and quote pins, and feel free to hand them out to fellow fans who come to watch with you.

22. Black and Orange Cookies: In honor of the show, this blogger one-upped the black and white cookie with this black and orange version. Make yours with cakey sugar cookies, chocolate and orange glaze. (via Thursday Night Baking)

23. OITNB Drinking Game: Last but not least, every viewing party needs a drinking game. Pour out shots of prison hooch — or any more appealing booze you have on hand — and follow these rules for drinking to the shows best moments. (via Watchin’ Stuff)

Are you excited for the return of Orange is the New Black? Tell us which inmate you’re most excited to see again below!