Like me, the iconic ’80s movie Sixteen Candles is now 30 years old. This fact will either make you feel really old, or it will make you look at your friends or coworkers who are pushing 30 and think to yourself, wow they’re as old as that really old movie? Yikes.

But before you get all ageist and judgy about your thirtysomething friends, let us take a moment to appreciate five of our favorite films that came out in 1984… in the form of animated GIFs.

Sixteen Candles: Samantha Baker and Jake Ryan? Swoon.

Oh, and Long Duk Dong for the win.

The Muppets Take Manhattan: I have legitimately seen this over 100 times. It was my absolute favorite movie as a kid!

Sparklemotion, the original.

Footloose: Um, this is the best shirt that has ever existed.

9 out of 10 Kevin Bacons agree!

Ghostbusters: Those dudes are not afraid of no ghosts.

The NeverEnding Story: Falkor!

Creepiest animatronic wink… ever.

What were your favorite movies from the ’80s? Talk to us in the comments below.