And all of a sudden, it’s the middle of July. You know what else? Our flagship event Re:Make is less than two months away!! For real. How did that happen?! If you’ll be in San Francisco September 11-12, you best come over to Fort Mason to say hello. Head here for all the deets. Now, to the randomness at hand.

1. Cats Wearing Kimonos: Cats are finally wearing kimonos, and you can finally get a good night’s sleep.

2. Leggy Tables: We’re on the fence about these tables. There’s something badass and #girlboss about them, and then there’s also something totally sexist about them. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

3. Goat Trucker Hat ($15): Created by our friends at Big Picture Farm in Vermont, this trucker hat is a summer weekend must-have, and will definitely protect your gorgeous visage from sunburn ;)

4. “Sunburnt” Portraits: Speaking of which, how crazy are these portraits? Dreamed up and created by French artist Thomas Mailaender, there’s no Photoshop magic at work here. The artist applies a negative to a model’s skin, then projects a powerful UV lamp over them. The result is a fleeting picture on the skin’s surface, which is photographed just moments before the exposure to daylight causes them to disappear. Super cool.

5. Cats Glasses ($20 for 4): Your happy hour just got a whole heck of a lot cuter.

6. Hazy Pink Balloon Haven: How lovely is this haven of pink balloons? Dubbed Un Dixieme Printemps, this gleeful display was created by Margaux Rodot, Mickaël Martin and Benoit Tastet as part of the Lively Architecture Festival in France.

7. How to DIY a Perfectly Colorful Vertical Garden: Think your lack of outdoor space leaves you out of luck in the gardening department? Think again. This tutorial will show you how to create your own hanging garden, complete with super cute planters and plant labels to match!

8. Textile Artist Elizabeth Pawle: Part of a recent series of works dubbed Scatterings, these wall hangings by Elizabeth Pawle are completely mesmerizing. (h/t Honestly WTF)

9. Potbox: Yep. There’s now a subscription for that as well. Elegantly packaged, each Potbox contains ethically grown goods expertly selected and customized to your preferences. It even includes a lab result outlining all the chemical levels found in each, erhm, dose, as well as information about where it was grown, its species and genetics so that you know exactly what’s going on in your body.