We’ve got our shoelaces, pens, and handy snapshots ready to go as we prep for heading back to school. Sure, our student days are long behind us but we still love geeking it up as summer’s end draws near.

With new seasons come new beginnings so it only makes sense that we roll out our brand new site on a sunny day like today. When we weren’t busy double checking colors, icons, font weights, and thumbnails, we stumbled across these 10 bits of goodness. Enjoy!

iOS ’86: If you saw our emoji-tastic post yesterday, you know that we’re pretty psyched on iOS6. But what if the iPhone existed in 1986? We love this designer’s take on an ’80s style operating system.

Folding Picnic Bench: Forget about that card table and camping chairs, this folding picnic table and set of benches is where it’s at! At 55 pounds, it’s not exactly something you can throw in your backpack but it would be a great item to keep in a truck or station wagon for impromptu dinner parties at the beach or park.

Killer Duck Keyboard Decals: The keys on your keyboard have feelings too, and in this case they’re angry ones! So cute and so playful.

Quilted iPhone Case: iPhone case obsessed much? Guilty as charged, but there are so many pretty designs coming from illustrators and designers every day, we can’t help but find a new one we love on a daily basis. Society6 makes it super easy for just about anyone to turn their designs into cases.

Interlocking Coasters: We’ve all made the move where we push several coasters and trivets together to accommodate an oddly-shaped dish or row of dishes. This gorgeous coaster system makes it easy to create custom surfaces for dishes of all shapes and sizes.

Utensils Necklace: The real shortcut chef carries their essential cooking tools around their neck, right? Maybe not but this charming necklace is the perfect gift for your favorite foodie.

HTTPSTER: Awesome t-shirt alert!! In Silicon Valley, it’s all about the HTTPSTER.

McKayla Is Not Impressed: Loving the first official (official?) Olympic meme! We love it so much that we decided to create our own little version. McKayla is definitely not impressed by Brit + Co. founder Brit Morin and her husband Dave hanging out on their phones in sync. ;)

Stovetop Necklace: Or rather, a necklace that doubles as the smallest stove we’ve ever seen. Jewelry designer Stuart Breidenstein created this necklace using brass and copper, and has a fuel line and tank that burns alcohol. We’re not quite sure what you would cook on it, but your utensils necklace would definitely come in handy. See it in action here.

Habanero Honey Badger Hot Sauce: Adding the Honey Badger to whatever you’re selling is either a genius move or a really really silly one. We’re specifically amazed by this 24 carat Golden Badger, of which only 5 are available… ever. Purchasers of the golden badger will gain access to the Triple Cobra Strength hot sauce, with refills all year long.

Bonus! Fuji Instax Giveaway: We know it can be in poor form to toot our own content as part of the BritList, but we’re really jamming on our Photojojo partnership this week. Plus, who doesn’t want the chance at winning an incredibly adorable Fuji Instax Instant Camera?

What good stuff have you stumbled upon this week? Let us know over on Twitter. And if you’re having a particularly slow Friday, check out our archive of BritLists past.