If you’ve been reading this site for more than five minutes, you’re probably aware that we are big fans of creative re-invention and high design. Not only do we enjoy re-inventing things like CD cases, but we also love re-inventing software. Weduary is a great example of a traditional wedding website, re-thought for today’s digital generation of brides and grooms.

Today, we’ve re-invented this very website, as it’s likely blatantly obvious to you by now… given that you’re staring at it and all. (Feed readers – click through for the goodness that awaits!) As much as we loved the look and feel of our old design, we wanted to update and modernize everything a bit. As you navigate around the new site, you’ll notice that while the general layout and fun color scheme are still in place, we’ve cleaned up and simplified everything else quite a bit. Even better, thanks to our stellar engineering team, this site is more than 10x faster than the old site — a huge win! For all of you geeks out there who actually care, we’ve also done a ton of restructuring on the backend, porting over to new Amazon servers, moving from a custom CMS to WordPress, and self-engineering modular, more customizable content units on the site.

One major change you’re likely to notice is our new logo. Though I originally started this site on my own, I’ve since been lucky enough to find a stellar content team and group of contributors who have added their own creative touch. Thus, we’re officially declaring the brand as Brit + Co. and making sure to reflect that in our logo. (And for anyone who was wondering, yes, our tagline is and will always be ‘Creative Living.’)

We’ve also changed our “Weddings” category to “Events,” given that so many of our ideas for that vertical apply for all kinds of entertaining. For example, the creative centerpieces we might show you how to make for a wedding could also apply to a birthday party. This doesn’t change the fact that we are still deeply committed to Weduary, our first app related to the category.

You’ll notice many smaller improvements coming to the site over the coming days and weeks, but we wanted to get this early iteration out now for your initial feedback. So, uh, what do ya think!? Leave your comments below, or shoot me a note on Twitter.

Oh, and if you’re typically a mobile reader, get pumped — we’ve got lots of goodies coming for you soon ;)

We here at Brit + Co. always have a blast dreaming up new ideas for simple, beautiful and creative living, and there’s nothing more exciting in the world than to be able to share them with you. We hope you enjoy the new site, that you’ll tell at least 4 friends about it, and that you’ll come back again tomorrow for more creative awesomesauce.

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