T-minus just a couple of hours until Apple unveils its new products (spoiler alert: iPhone 7). We already know what was rumored to be in the phone and what we should expect, but there’s always time for a few last-minute surprises.

Female hands holding new iPhone 6s Space Gray

Late last night, Apple suddenly remembered that it has a Twitter account. The company put out an ad for today’s event on the @Apple account that has laid dormant for years. Maybe this signals the start of a new, active-on-social-media company? We’ll find out.

If the Twitter ad intrigued you and you want to tune into the Apple event, it’s going to be easiest if you have an Apple device. At 1pm ET (that’s 10am for you, West Coast), Tim Cook will take the stage. If you’re online at that time, you can watch the stream here. However, just be warned that you’re going to need Safari to watch it live. You can also watch the event from your smartphone or tablet, but it’s still going to have to be in the Safari app.

Last thing we should tell you is that today is NOT the day to buy an Apple product. If you were thinking about scooping up something online, you won’t be able to. The Apple online store is shut down until the grand reveal.

We’ll see you on the other side of the event.

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(Photo via Getty, Apple)