It’s human to want to know things before they happen. In honor of tomorrow’s big reveal from Apple (don’t worry — we’ll be tuned in and will let you know everything you need to), we went through our archives and found every single Apple rumor we’ve reported on since before last year’s event (you can thank us later). So, without further ado, here is basically everything that people have been gossiping about the iPhone 7.

Apple Unveils New Versions Of iPhone 6, Apple TV

1. Camera: The camera is expected to be much better than what we’ve ever had before on an iPhone. We could see a 7-glass lens, or maybe even a lens that sticks out. The camera will probably be much better at shooting video too. The iPhone 7 could be capable of shooting super high quality 4K video.

2. Headphones: This is one of the most controversial but persistent rumors about the new iPhone. It will be missing something very important: the headphone jack. However, no one seems to know whether or not the headphones will connect wirelessly or via the lightning port. Stay tuned tomorrow!

3. Display: Rumors have been swirling that the screen on the iPhone 7 is going to change. It could either become more touch-sensitive with glass-on-glass touch panels, or maybe just get bigger and become a wraparound screen.

4. Buttons: Some people predict that the home button will go away or it could become force touch, meaning it would become completely flush with the rest of the screen. And that mute switch on the side could go away too.


5. Colors: The iPhone 7 could look completely different than previous phones. We can expect new colors like Deep Blue and Space Black. Er, well, it could be called Glossy Black, too.

6. Storage: Since the beginning of the rumors, we’ve been told to expect three different options for the iPhone 7. In fact, no, wait, a fourth! Aack, no wait. It could just be three. Who knows anymore. Either way, the iPhone 7 is rumored to have options with a TON more storage, even going up to a 256GB tier.

7. Features: Here’s the fun stuff. The iPhone 7 is rumored to be completely waterproof, potentially even with the ability to take awesome shots underwater. It could also have wireless charging, the futuristic ability to read your emotions, its own airplane-safe version of Wi-Fi or maybe even a smart connector to transfer data and charge.

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(Photos via Stephen Lam/Getty, Apple)