The Obamas may have ended their epic vacay on Richard Branson’s private island and are refocusing on biz (wanna be their intern?), but today, they’re all about their shared love. Sending adorable Valentine’s Day messages to each other via Twitter, we’ve again been given a glance at the truly loving relationship between the former President and former First Lady.

Barack and Michelle Obama

Almost 28 years together, two kids, two terms and eight years in the White House equals one of the strongest (not to mention most historic) couples in our history, and their sentiments to each other on this super romantic day prove it without a doubt once again.

Barack’s message to Michelle totally has us swooning…

While Michelle’s message to Barack could not be sweeter…

#Relationshipgoals? Yep! Yes! Absolutely, unquestionably, you betcha!

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via CHRIS KLEPONIS/Getty)