It鈥檚 easy to love The Ordinary. The Canadian cult-favorite skincare brand, which operates under parent company DECIEM, is loved for its ultra-affordable 鈥 and ultra-effective 鈥 products. So when the company announced that it would be releasing lightweight foundation in a variety of shades, it isn鈥檛 at all surprising that the news caused quite the stir (after all, previous launches amassed a waitlist of 25,000 people). Now DECIEM has given us a closer look at what鈥檚 coming, and it鈥檒l blow your mind.

The Ordinary currently carries two foundation options on their site: Serum and Coverage (both $7). Both come in 21 shades, from Very Fair Neutral to Very Deep Neutral, so we鈥檙e hoping the new foundations will have a similar range. But that鈥檚 not the most fascinating thing about them. That honor goes to the fact that The Ordinary Watercolours are thinner than water. Yes. Really.

DECIEM posted to Instagram to give a sneak peek of what鈥檚 coming, and it鈥檚 pretty freaking cool. The video shows a waterfall of pigmented liquid pouring down, getting mixed around, and splashing over someone鈥檚 hand before finally being rubbed in to demonstrate its sheerness.

鈥淲atercolours are coming. In December (just as we will still be recovering from Black Friday). And it鈥檚 all admittedly very misleading because they are technically thinner than water. Everyone tells us December is the worst time to launch anything which is perfect because maybe we would for once not have any stock issues at launch,鈥 the brand humble-bragged in the caption.

But that鈥檚 not all. They continue with some more in-depth info on the product. 鈥(Now the complicated questions鈥 a) what are they? oil-free, silicone-free skin tints that look super natural; b) how much will they cost? umm鈥 The Ordinary is written on them; c) how lightweight will they be? the liquids used in the video are all actual Watercolours; d) will the range cover all skin tones? that鈥檚 obvious鈥 we are from Canada),鈥 writes the brand.

Get your wallets ready, because this sounds like a no-makeup makeup lover鈥檚 dream.

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(Photos via The Ordinary, Getty)