Let’s face it… how many of us actually take proper 30-minute lunch breaks? One moment you’re thinking “just one more email” and the next thing you know it’s 6pm. The fact of the matter is, taking a lunch break is super important for your productivity (and sanity!). Making time to come up for air and refuel allows you to reset and refocus, and ultimately be more efficient during your work day.


10 minute breaks to scarf down a meal don’t count! If you’re eager to get back to your computer before you’ve taken a proper lunch break, try picking up a DIY project that you can chip away at to keep your mind off of work for a little bit. Three kits from our new Brit + Co DIY Kit Collection at Target are perfect for this: Weave a Wall Hanging Kit, Embroider A Wall Hanging Kit and Knit A Scarf Kit.



Knitting projects can be so daunting and seemingly take FOR (wait for it) EVER. Spread your knitting project out over the course of several weeks by dedicating part of your lunch break to finishing a few rows at a time, and you’ll have a finished scarf in no time!


Our kit comes with everything you need to get started, including some seriously sweet GOLD needles. We provide step by step directions as well as a post for you to follow along. If you’re feeling extra scholarly, be sure to also check out our knitting online class to get some tips from a knitting pro.


Weaving is another great project to set aside for breaks. Spending some time during your lunch break to weave a few rows at a time helps to break up an otherwise long and seemingly intimidating project. Plus, our Weave A Wall Hanging Kit comes with a collapsible loom that’s the perfect size for travel.


Pop the supplies into your work tote and leave them at your desk, then slowly weave away at your textile masterpiece. Weaving can be like a Chuck Close painting: When you’re working up close your piece can look like a whole lot of nothing — the magic is in stepping back and admiring the finished work. Was that a weird art school reference? Oh well, you can take the girl out of art school…

Embroider A Wall Hanging Kit


If the thought of completing an embroidery project seems super intimidating, don’t worry. Large embroidery projects definitely look best when you take breaks to give your eyes time to relax. In fact, I totally advise AGAINST finishing an embroidery project in one sitting!


Stow your Embroider A Wall Hanging Kit in your office desk and work on it when you’re taking a quick break. If your office is anything like Brit + Co, you can even bring it along with you to long meetings.

There you have it folks, three easy, office-friendly projects you can do to take real lunch breaks. Grab a kit or two for you and a co-worker at Target stores or on Target.com before they sell out!

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DIY Production: Irene Lee, Maddie Bachelder, Marianne Koo

DIY Styling: Marianne Koo

Photography: Chris Andre