Finally following money-saving rules or trying to sock away cash to cushion your budget template? Good news — the technology available nowadays has made it easier than ever to turn your creative hobbies or love of all things business and Internet into a totally legit side hustle. Major companies are embracing the rise of independent work too, with companies like LinkedIn launching platforms dedicated entirely to freelance work. #Girlbosses, take note — we’ve pulled together a list of five of the hottest skills currently in demand so you can go out there and land some clients in your area of expertise. Cha-ching!

Businesswoman at her workplace

1. Consulting: Have expert knowledge in a given area? We bet you can put it to good use as a consultant. From business growth to strategy, advising clients and providing actionable advice is a skill set that you can totally charge for. Sites like make it easy to collect cash per minute by a call, so do your research to settle on a competitive hourly rate for what you know. You can also set up your own website and offer consulting sessions via video call or an in-person meeting.

2. Social Media: People, small businesses, startups and corporations are ALL using social media to build community and spread the word about what they’re working on. If you have knowledge about what it takes to earn attention, broadcast shareable content and measure the success, there’s a high chance you can sell your services to an org you’d love to work with. Have you reached a point of influence? Cash in on your own following by putting together a media kit. You can charge for sponsored posts, collaborations and in-person appearances.

3. Virtual Assisting: The rise of the VA, or Virtual Assistant, is the real deal. Put your organization and project management skills to good use by working as one and picking up day-to-day tasks like responding to email, calendaring, setting meetings and more. Not sure where to look for VA gigs? You can find ‘em on Upwork and WorldWide101.

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4. Design: Whether you’re into drawing, sketching, typography, logos or something else entirely, there’s a chance that someone would appreciate and pay for your talents. Consider setting up shop on a creative platform with a dedicated community of customers, like Etsy, Fiverr or Society6. Get creative by putting your designs on cell phone cases, calendars, notebooks and more to increase sales.

5. Content Creation: No longer just about the written word, content has transformed into captivating storytelling that counts videos, eye-catching imagery and snappy copy. Since Content Marketing has continued to grow as a revenue-generating business strategy, storytellers are in high-demand across industries around the world. CloudPeeps is a top marketplace for talent to connect with clients who need help with everything from idea positioning and editorial planning to actually creating the attention-catching content. So much fun!

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