You already know you should never skip leg day. How else are you going to stand up all day at all those summer music festivals you’ve got planned? Luckily for us, there are plenty of ways to pump up your thighs and get a great quad workout in less than 15 minutes a day. You can run with your dog, go for gold with a YouTube gymnastics workout or check out any one of these seven workouts that will isolate your thighs (and butt too).


1. 4-Minute Quads on Fire Workout: A four-minute workout to leaner, meaner thighs? Sign us up. This quick workout is just two exercises, but trust us, two is enough to feel the burn. (via Athlean-XX for Women)


2. How to Do a Squat Correctly: Your fitness host, Anna Renderer, takes it back to basics in this two-minute how-to video to teach you a basic squat. After all, you can’t get the quads you want without knowing how to do a proper squat. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)


3. Intense Inner Thigh Challenge: When Cassey from Blogilates comes up with an inner thigh challenge AND promises you’ll be waddling like a duck and loving it when you’re through… The answer is yes. Always, yes. (via Blogilates)


4. Best Home Butt and Thigh Workout: Lift your butt and tone your thighs with this no-equipment-needed workout. Get fired up for this 15-minute routine at home with instructor Tamara D., and plan for your quads and glutes to be sore afterwards. (via Women’s Workout Challenge)


5. Women’s Home Leg and Butt Lifting Workout: Erin Thunderwood, a personal trainer in South Beach, takes you through a killer butt and thigh workout in this seven-minute video. You’ll need a 15-pound barbell to get through a few of the key moves. (via Women’s Workout Challenge)


6. 10-Minute Express Glute and Thigh Toning Routine: Do nine exercises for 45 seconds each with a quick rest in-between, and you’ve got yourself one burning butt and thigh workout. Then treat yo’self to some new weekend booty shorts. (via FitnessBlender)


7. Toning Thigh Exercises: Not sure if Kelsey Lee’s high energy and crazy friendly personality make this workout any easier, but we love how she motivates us through this tough workout. Plus, she’ll walk you through every move so you never get lost. (via XHIT Daily)

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