Switching up your at-home exercise routine is key for working different muscle groups and getting into your fittest form. Not a Classpass member? Don’t worry. You don’t need to cancel your gym membership or forgo your fave running routes to mix up your workout. We found seven gymnastic, tumbling and toning fitness YouTube videos that’ll help you reap some major exercise benefits at home.


1. Pilazies Workout in Bed: “It’s like doing pilates… for lazy people,” Kym says. Yep, it’s actually possible to exercise without ever leaving your bed. Kick off your Monday with this three-minute routine. We promise it’ll pump you up for the start of the week while working your legs, butt and abs. (via KymNonStop)


2. Mini Trampoline Workout: Jumping on a trampoline is tons of fun, and it can be a legit workout too! Rosalie Brown shows you how it’s done in this energetic video. PS: The ’80s-esque background is pretty much worth the watch itself. (via Rob Brown)


3. How to Do the Splits: Break up the week by trying a few splits. It doesn’t matter whether you can do them yet or not. This awesome and encouraging video will teach you patience and flexibility. (via blogilates)


4. The Hot Body Workout: Gyrokinesis: This insanely hot mix of dance, yoga, gymnastics and tai chi is sure to make you sweat! (via BeFiT)


5. Gymnastics Ab Workout: Olympic Gymnast Dave Durante walks you through the fundamentals of ab work for gymnasts, which is perfect after all of the stretching and sweating you did during the week. Work your core before making your way into the weekend. (via Cody)


6. 20 Conditioning Exercises for Tumblers and Cheerleaders: This stream boasts an impressive 20 exercises in six minutes — so pick a few, or try ‘em all! Repeat as desired to become your strongest self. (via AddictedToTumbling)


7. Cheerleading Conditioning Workout: It’s the seventh day of your week of workouts, so raise your energy and hands with this conditioning exercise for cheerleaders! The five-minute session will have you jumping, tumbling and dancing — all while improving your agility and strength. (via Cheerobics)

Will you add any of these exercises to your current routine? Let us know which one @BritandCo!