We know that Disney princesses find their happily-ever-afters at the end of their fairy-tales. But surely you’ve wondered what happened after the happily-ever-after and you wouldn’t be the only one. Artist Isaiah Keith Stephens wasn’t just curious, he decided to imagine what each of our fave Disney princesses would look like down the road when (and if) they became mothers and first-time parents. Putting together a collection of super sweet illustrations showing Belle breastfeeding her little beast, er, baby and even Aurora in the throes of labor, this is a look at the Disney ladies like you’ve never seen before… and you’re gonna love it!

Started by request from the peeps over at Cosmopolitan, it’s almost impossible to decide which of Isaiah’s pics — which he posts to his Instagram account along with his other Disney reworks — is the best. Perhaps it’s Tiana smirking while Naveen gets peed on by their little baby. Maybe it’s Mulan gently holding her baby belly with Shang behind her. How about Cinderella’s little one trying on mommy’s glass slippers? It very well could be Ariel getting baby food tossed in her face while looking totally exhausted because, yeah, so relatable.

Take a peek and try to decide for yourself. We guarantee it will be harder than you think because they’re all just so awesome.

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(h/t One Country)