If you want to gain and earn people鈥檚 trust, a key move would be to NOT sneak away from your responsibilities like a super shady character. But that鈥檚 just what one GOP congressman did, because that鈥檚 how things apparently work nowadays under President-Elect Trump.

Mike Coffman

Colorado republican representative Mike Coffman put himself out there when he wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Denver Post where he fully supported the total repeal of Obamacare. Being so blatant in his stance, you think he鈥檇 be eager to back it up. But鈥 nope.

Instead, when his constituents showed up at an event in the town of Aurora, he opted to meet with only four people at a time instead of the normal town hall meeting politicians usually opt for. When it became clear that plenty of peeps were not on his side of the debate 鈥 with many wishing to share their fears over losing the coverage needed to care for their various heartbreaking health issues 鈥 Coffman snuck out early (ducking out through a side door that police had blocked off with crime scene tape), leaving around 100 people still waiting to speak with their congressman.

It鈥檚 kinda hard to have faith in a politician when they literally seem to be running away from facing voters.

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(h/t NY Mag; photo via Brent Lewis/Getty)