There are few things more frustrating than dropped calls. And if you happen to live in an area with awful (or nonexistent) cell reception, you may have given up completely on making phone calls while home. But no matter if your lack of reception is due to the materials in your house or just the area where you live, there’s a secret iPhone hack to making bad reception a problem of the past — AKA no more leaning out the window to make a call.


Wi-Fi calling will pick up where a bad cell signal leaves off and allow you to make phone calls using your Internet connection. To activate it, go to Settings and scroll down to Phone. Then go to “Wi-Fi Calling” and turn it on. You may have to enter an address to send to 911 responders when making emergency calls through Wi-Fi. As soon as it’s turned on, you’re good to go and — unless your Wi-Fi peters out — your phone should never drop a call again.

This hack only works on iPhones that are a 5C model or later, though, so if your phone isn’t one of these, you may want to invest in a cell signal booster, which will probably run you a couple hundred dollars.

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