There’s no way to predict the future — even though we may desperately try. However, we can’t help but feel just a teensy bit psychic after seeing leaked photos of the iPhone 7. Even though we’re still about two months away from the official reveal of the much-rumored-about iPhone 7, it looks like we were spot-on about a few things.


The phone itself doesn’t look that different from the iPhone 6, which was to be expected. However, like it was rumored, the new phone looks like it will have a protruding camera lens. The lens is about 25 percent wider in diameter than the one on previous models. Because the lens is bigger, it will take in more light and make all of our pictures look WAY more profesh.

But because the view is only of the back, there are still a few rumors we have yet to see: the controversial removal of the headphone jack and much, much larger storage options. The phone is also rumored to be doing away with the traditional home button in favor of something more sleek — but we’ll see you in two months to confirm all the rumors.

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(h/t 9 to 5 Mac; photo via Apple)