What do you do when a hotly anticipated item won’t be available for months, and details are guarded like state secrets? Devour every morsel of info you can find, of course! The iPhone 7 doesn’t even have a release date yet (it’s expected to happen in mid-September during their annual Fall Event), but the rumor mill is already churning wildly. That’s nothing new for Apple products, of course (prior to the March Event, there was plenty of buzz), but it never gets any easier to wait without checking in on what might be coming. With that in mind, here are the hottest tips about the tech giant’s flagship product.


Provided by OnLeaks, which has reliably leaked information about Apple products before, Macworld and Business Insider looked at images that are apparently blueprints for the upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The Plus appears to have both a Smart Connector and a dual-lens camera, while the 7 has a regular (if slightly larger) camera.

The Smart Connector, which shows up on the blueprint (you can see it here), manifests on the new iPhone as three magnetic dots on the back of the handset, allowing for the transference of “both power and data.” It’s the same technology that connects Apple’s keyboard to the iPad Pro. Yep, that would mean a whole NEW way to charge your iPhone. Start saying goodbye to your Lightning charging cables now (probably). Unfortunately, according to murmurings, both the dual iSight camera and the Smart Connector will only be available for the 5.5-inch Plus version.


Another feature of the new phones, or rather, a missing feature, is the headphone jack. We’ve covered this speculation before, and the leaked images seem to confirm it. At this point, people are hailing this rumor a “legitimate leak.” Eeks! That means if you want to use headphones with your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, they’ll need to have either wireless or Lightning port connection. The Lightning port also appears to be slightly smaller, a change that allows the phone itself to be slimmer. But don’t worry: You won’t need to buy new cables to charge your phone. It’s just the opening to the port that’s smaller, not the slot itself. (Unless you have a Plus, if you believe the blueprints, that is.)

Based on the images provided by OnLeaks, uSwitch created the video above, showing a 3D model of both phones. In many ways, they look similar to current iterations of the iPhone —they have the same dimensions and most of the same physical features— but will be slimmer. According to 9to5Mac, they’ll also include two speakers, allowing for stereo sound. The previous models have only had a single speaker for mono sound.

All in all, it looks like there’s a LOT of changes coming. Hit us with your best shot, Apple. We’re ready.

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(Photo via Apple)