We’ve been talking about it for months already and it seems like the day will never come, but the release of the iPhone 7 is looming closer and closer. And as the day gets closer, certain things have come to light about the upcoming phone (thanks, rumor mill!). Although we’ve been told to expect a pretty familiar-looking phone, one major iPhone 7 rumor just got a nod of confirmation.


It look like Apple will forego the home button in favor of something called a “force touch home button,” according to analysts at Cowen and Company, a leading financial services company. The button — which in fact won’t look like a button at all — will respond to pressure and act accordingly. It is rumored to sit flush with the rest of the iPhone screen. According to the folks at 9to5Mac, no home button might mean another step towards waterproofing. This is great news for anyone prone to breaking the home button or dropping their phones in the toilet and running straight to the nearest Genius bar. The prevailing lack of a headphone jack rumor could also spell a waterproof iPhone 7.

Looks like Apple developed the upcoming phone for the inner klutz in all of us.

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(h/t Business Insider, photo via Apple)