Somehow, Crocs shoes have managed to stick around over the years. Although they aren鈥檛 the most fashionable footwear choice, you have at least one friend who owns a pair. Maybe you even wear them yourself (we won鈥檛 judge). With over 300 million pairs of the floating clogs sold in the last 15 years, you鈥檇 think that there probably isn鈥檛 anything wrong with rocking those Crocs when you鈥檙e just running your Saturday errands or taking your pooch out for a late night walk. Podiatrists, however, are speaking out about the go-to footwear of chefs and toddlers alike鈥 and what they鈥檙e saying isn鈥檛 very good.

In an interview with The Huffington Post , podiatrists warned that the biggest problem with Crocs is the one thing so many people love 鈥 the soft, flexible footbed. Apparently, this oh-so-comfy feature can cause damage to the foot, heel and legs over time. The shoe鈥檚 total lack of heel support can also cause wearers to use their toes more to stabilize, which can cause a whole host of issues.

Though one of the docs interviewed said that some patients may benefit from wearing Crocs, for most of us, these shoes are not for everyday use. So next time you decide to slip into your fave foamy kicks, remember to keep them on for only a short spurt.

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(h/t Huffington Post ; Featured image via Crocs )