You know that feeling you get when you’re finished decorating a room but it still feels like it’s missing… something? The latest layered rugs trend just might be the stylish solution to your decor problem. Whether you have low-maintenance, all-white decor style or you prefer to make a decor splash with big personality, incorporating layered rugs is a surefire way to add depth to your design. With fuzzy textures, worldly patterns, bold colors and subdued styles, these layered rug ideas are exactly what you need to make your room come together this fall.


1. Dominant Textures: Keep your look cohesive by choosing a dominant texture and repeating it in unexpected places. This base rug, paired with matching pillows and seating, rounds out this style to make it stick. (via Melyssa Griffin)


2. Worldly Accents: This Kilim rug takes center stage, while the one below it beautifully ties together the natural accents. And the bold, textured seating is a delightful touch, offering an added pop of personality. (via eHow)


3. Bold Patterns: Even with lots of layers, you can be bold with your picks. Choose an eye-catching top pattern and bring it down to earth with a subdued foundation. (via Project Refuge)


4. More Is More: Less isn’t always more. The thoughtfully placed patterns and proportions of these layers make this room all kinds of warm and cozy. (via Tessa Neustadt)


5. Angle Play: A playful fur paired with a subtle base is brought to life through thoughtful misalignment. Switch up the angles and positions of your rugs to make them more visually compelling. (via Refinery29)


6. Make a Statement: A rug duo might be all the design you need. Simple white furniture and subtle decor are made to shine brightly thanks to this eclectic rug combination. (via Domino)


7. Matchy Matchy: Matching one rug to the furniture and another to the throws is an easy way to ensure cohesion. High style with no fuss? Yes, please. (via Style Me Pretty)


8. Rich Femininity: This soft and feminine style is given sophistication through the artful placement of matching prints, colors and tones. The muted dark grays of these rugs perfectly complement the hard black and white patterns of the decor. (via Interior God)


9. Layered Love: Layers upon layers upon layers! Layered coffee tables are stellar enhancements for a funky pair of rugs. This is eclectic style at its finest. (via My Domaine)

10. Top Tones: Proving that you don’t need to match colors to round out a look, instead this room matches tones for a killer aesthetic. A bright pink rug is made to look stylistically androgynous by the use of complementary tones.


11. Spot of Intrigue: The unexpected placement of this spiraled rug adds warmth and intrigue to what would otherwise be a plain jane design. (via Design Sponge)


12. Pattern Play: Mix patterns, textures and placements for an eclectic play on color. The three rugs in one space work well with the right sizes and styles. These soft, small rugs add depth without being overbearing, thanks to their complementary colors and styles. (via The White Buffalo Styling Co.)


13. Bold and Beautiful: This room doesn’t mess around when it comes to bright and bold. The pretty patterns sing a loud, stylish song, while the layered coffee tables quietly bring the design down to earth. (via Classy Clutter)


14. A Small Touch: If calm and cool is more your speed, that doesn’t mean you can’t get down on this trend. Hide the bulk of your top rug, leaving just its edges to tell a complete story. (via West Elm)


15. How to Layer Rugs Like a Pro: This furry rug is seriously cozy (as the pup well knows), while its textured counterpart keeps things chic, preventing softness overload. (The Fox & She)


16. Size Matters: A small rug alone runs the risk of looking awkward and isolated. But when paired with a large area rug it makes the whole room look brighter and more put together. (via My Domaine)


17. Unexpected Surprise: A small rug can make a big statement. While the neutral tones define the space for socializing, the conversation remains focused, with this thoughtfully angled pattern piece. (via BHG)

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