We’ve heard of plenty of ways to dye your hair — hardcore chemicals, green goodness and Jell-O (which teens have been using to turn their hair wild colors forever) — but this is a totally new one for us. A salon is actually using Nutella (yep, that beloved chocolaty, nutty spread) to color women’s hair.

The owners of Dubai’s Abed & Sameer salon swear by the snacking product when it comes to achieving the perfect chestnut brown tones. First washing the ladies hair as usual, a mixture of condensed milk and Nutella is coated on. Once foils are applied, it takes a bit of time to let the concoction do its work. When the reveal is made, a formerly blonde woman is totally pleased with her darker shade.

Check out the videos for yourself and see if you’d be willing to opt for a Nutella dye-job.

Also, is that cotton candy?!

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(h/t Daily Mail)