In the midst of some bummer studies recently published, including this one that says wine is causing cancer and this one that says April babies are dictators, there’s finally one that makes perfect sense.

A study conducted by Drexel University shows that women who are well fed are more likely to respond to romantic stimuli. The study consisted of young college-aged women who were put into an MRI before and after eating and monitored for how they responded to certain images. Co-author of this study, Alice Ely says they “found that young women both with and without a history of dieting had greater brain activation in response to romantic pictures in reward-related neural regions after having eaten than when hungry.” This really brings new relevance to the phrase “hey, take a girl out to dinner first!”

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The study also found that women who are “historical dieters” are “predisposed by their brain reward circuitry to desire food more than people who have not dieted,” which may explain why some people find it difficult to commit to eating healthy 24/7.

After being told for years that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach there’s something nice about knowing that the genders are not so different after all. Another recently published study says that it’s actually women who make up over half of the pizza consumers in the US. So bottom line, if someone is trying to make you fall in love tell them they better bring a good ‘za!


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(h/t Drexel University)