We know you’re already dreaming of your after work wine whether it comes in box or slushie form but we have bad news for you. Wine may give you cancer.


Whelp this Wednesday is off to a rough start! A new study from the British Medical Journal suggests that women who have never smoked are at a high risk of several cancers even if they only have one glass of wine a day. The study says that men don’t have these same risks even when they drink slightly more (one to two glasses a day). What.

If you’re confused it’s probably because we’ve all read (and gleefully shared) those articles that suggest a nightly glass of vino is actually good for your health. Heck, this Canadian study suggests that a glass of wine might be as good for your body as an hour at the gym. We really don’t know who to believe any more.

Here’s the takeaway. Lots of alcohol on the daily is probably not good for you. It’s bad for your liver (and likely your budget if you’re sipping anything other than Two Buck Chuck). But a couple other things to consider; Twice as many people die from vending machines falling on them than do of shark attacks. Sometimes lightening can strike you unawares. You can die from falling out of bed! Bottom line is, none of us makes it out of here alive so you might choose to go down sipping a lovely merlot.

PS: if you are swearing off wine for good here are some recipes to make with wine… you don’t want those half full bottles to all go to waste now.

What do you think, gals? Did this study make you stop drinking wine? Tell us in the comments and send your extra wine to the good folks at Brit+Co San Francisco!

(h/t Mic)