All hail summer fashion! The ideal summer outfit is simultaneously effortless and experimental 鈥 which means it鈥檚 essential to wear the right bra underneath. As we know, a bra can make or break an outfit, and more importantly, it can seriously cramp our style. We need support from our bras in all the right places and the ability to cater to our tricky necklines and off-shoulder tops. The bra is basically the unsung hero of the entire look. We鈥檙e partnering with Vanity Fair庐 to share the low-down on this summer鈥檚 best trends and the best bras to pair with them.


While we鈥檒l happily experiment with new clothing trends and brands, when it comes to bras, we like to stick with the tried and true experts. For almost a century (!), Vanity Fair has consistently offered style, quality, and comfort in equal measure to make women of all sizes feel fabulous. Lucky for you they鈥檝e provided a unique code for B+C women, just apply BRIT+CO at checkout for 30% off. Scroll on for five fun summer trends and four brilliant bras to pair with them so you can feel fantastic all sunny summer long. After all, summer should be about adjusting your AC, not your bra.


Man, are we excited to see the jumpsuit in every other window display. They鈥檙e basically uniforms for playing and are a wonderful alternative to a summer dress that can easily be dressed up or down. Jumpsuits, like the one pictured on Adriana above, are especially flattering on curvier ladies 鈥 they allow for more tailored fitting at the waist and bust. Look for seasonal stripes and feminine details, like these of-the-moment tie-top straps.

Opt for a strapless bra that鈥檚 just as comfortable to romp around in (yes, it exists!), such as the Beauty Back庐 Strapless Full Figure Underwire Bra. Going strapless means you鈥檒l avoid the peek-a-boo bra strap problem that can happen with sleeveless garments. The smoothing, supportive bra will effortlessly hug you, leaving no visible bra lines. Plus, it features silicone along the underwire, sides, and back to prevent slipping.


Oh 鈥90s necklines, how we鈥檝e missed you! Square necks are back and our fashion editor says they鈥檙e here to stay. Lean into the nostalgic trend with a denim snap-down mini dress layered over an easy tee.

You鈥檒l need a comfortable, polished bra that won鈥檛 add more lines to the look or cause spillage. Especially when layering a crewneck tee with the square neck, we reach for the Vanity Fair Beauty Back庐 Full Coverage Underwire Bra. Smoothing garments that offer full coverage and a sleek look鈥 are definitely the way to go.


You鈥檝e probably seen a lot of flowy silhouettes this summer season, they keep things breezy and cool as the heat rises. The flared bell sleeves, soft florals, and wrap-around tie of this blouse make for an ultra-feminine trend. Pair with casual high-waisted cutoffs and slip-on sandals for a breezy, lovely look.

Delicate, flowy tops call for more subtle bra styles that don鈥檛 have a lot of padding or added bulk. Go for a well-fitted bra like this Beauty Back庐 Full Figure Underwire Bra that won鈥檛 compete with the airiness of the blouse. The bra features a four-way stretch fabric that smooths the back for a sleek look with no bumps or lines. Seamless sides and an invisible neckline definitely make this pairing a must.


The style we鈥檙e seeing truly dominate our Instagram feeds? Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses! It鈥檚 another nostalgic trend that we鈥檙e pleased has made a comeback, especially in this ultra-鈥90s iteration. Serving us major Clueless vibes.


Yes, the peasant blouse has been around forever, but it鈥檚 back in the spotlight this season, featuring a more structured silhouette than before. This summer鈥檚 take on the peasant top is basically the polished, urban, minimalist cousin to the busy boho blouse. The starched linen material of this top is balanced by soft details like peplum flair, light lace lining, and itty-bitty cloth-covered buttons.

Match the classic effortlessness of the peasant blouse with an equally casual and supportive bra that smooths your back and sides. Again, the Beauty Back Full Coverage Underwire Bra is the ideal pairing for this summery top. Invisible neckline, smoothing fabric, and reliable coverage? Win, win, win.

There you have it! Five can鈥檛-lose summer trends, and the super supportive bras to pair. See? We鈥檝e got you covered ;)

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Author: Maddie Bachelder

Production + Styling: Cassidy Miller + Kayla Haykin

Photography: Kurt Andre

Hair + Makeup: Stephanie Cardenas

Models: Ashley Perlman, Nyah Brandl, Adriana Lebaron, Melissa Ruiz, Jessica Hatch