There’s nothing better than hitting the open road or going on a road trip with close pals. But it’s a sobering reminder that distracted driving is estimated to kill about eight people every day. Eeeeek! While we are not at all condoning the behavior, we understand that some people will not stop driving to answer their phones. So we’ve got a few ways to continue using your phone while minimizing distractions as much as possible.

Young woman texting while driving car

If you’ve got an iPhone, Siri should be your best friend while driving. Make sure you’ve got the “Hey Siri” feature turned on. This way, every time you say the words “Hey Siri” your phone will be ready to go. Then you can hands-free ask for directions, call or text a friend or even play your favorite road trip songs. In order to set up the feature, go to Settings, then hit Siri and make sure the “Hey Siri” toggle is turned green.

If you’ve got an Android, you should consider installing Android Auto on your phone. The Google app will set up short cuts so you can reply “I’m driving right now” to texts with just one tap. The app will also make music and navigation options larger and easier to read. There’s also an Android equivalent for “Hey Siri” called “OK Google.” In order to set it up, go to Settings, then Voice then tap “OK Google” detection.

Now get out there and stay safe.

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