Back in May, Tia Mowry announced that she had welcomed a daughter into the world, her second child with husband Cory Hardrict. Now the Game actress has revealed her baby girl鈥檚 unique name.

鈥淐AIRO TIAHNA HARDRICT! I鈥檓 so excited to spend the rest of of my life loving this little one,鈥 Mowry wrote on Instagram, sharing a video clip of the infant in her mom鈥檚 arms. In the clip, Mowry said that the name Cairo 鈥渂asically means victorious.鈥 She also pointed out that the middle name begins with the letters T, I, and A 鈥 a nod to her own name, Tia.

The mother of two posted a longer version of the video to Tia Mowry鈥檚 Quick Fix Facebook page. 鈥淭iahna actually means 鈥榝ollower of Christ,'鈥 she explained in the full vid. 鈥淎lso, Tiahna was one of the first African princesses, so she is our little princess here.鈥

As for how they came up with the first name, Mowry said that her husband always feels closer to his own mother when he鈥檚 flying or, as she put it, 鈥渨hen he鈥檚 up in the air.鈥 During one trip, he saw the letters A, I, and R in the sky and wanted them to be in the baby鈥檚 name. Hence, Cairo. Additionally, the baby girl鈥檚 initials, 鈥淐.T.H.,鈥 match those of her seven-year-old brother, Cree Taylor Hardrict.

Mowry also spoke about giving birth to her daughter, explaining that she had a cesarean and was initially wheeled into the OR alone while her husband waited outside. Only later did she find out that he had posted a picture of himself 鈥渂awling 鈥 because he鈥檚 ready to meet his baby girl.鈥

She said the nurses warned each other that they had a 鈥減apa bear鈥 on their hands. 鈥淏asically, that means just a father who鈥檚 very curious about everything, wants to know everything, and just very involved,鈥 Mowry noted with a laugh. 鈥淗e鈥檚 such a hands-on dad. It鈥檚 so rewarding and just remarkable to see.鈥

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(photo via Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)