In the dating app game, Tinder is still kween, with nearly 10 billion matches since its launch in 2012 and 26 million matches made daily. Initially, the app that pioneered the swipe-left, swipe-right date-screening format shared little information on each person’s “profile” — if you could call it that — aside from first name, age and photo. Things have since changed.


Recently, Tinder implemented a couple of new additions to your profile “card.” Assuming you filled out the info, under your photo it now shows what school you attended and what your occupation is. Assuming you and the person you just swiped on match, Tinder will even notify you if you attended the same school. In a lot of ways, Tinder is kind of late to the game on this, because other dating apps like Bumble and The League have allowed folks to fill out these options from the get-go.

But why the sudden change? Tinder has gained quite the rep for being primarily a “hook up” dating app (though everyone has heard of couples who met on the infamous app). The addition of education and job is intended to help people find “more meaningful matches,” according to Tinder’s own blog. “This allows users to make more informed choices when deciding to swipe left, right or even up – while also providing great conversation starters.”

I mean, who can argue against more informed choices?

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(h/t Tech Crunch)