Raise your hand if sometimes you use Tinder just because you like swiping. Part of the fun of the app is just making fast gut decisions and acting on them with a swipe right for “yes” and left for “no.” Whether or not this is the best way to pick a mate (the jury is still out on that one), it is a pretty convenient way to make the daunting task of dating a little more digestible. That’s why app creators have used this same swipe design to help you choose way more than a dinner date. From choosing where to eat to finding a new apartment, here are 14 ways to swipe your way to an easier life.


1. Tinder for Finding Your New Best Friend: With BarkBuddy you can swipe through local adoptable pups to find the one that’s right for you. Of course, choosing a four-legged lifetime partner can’t be decided upon with one swipe, but it’s a good start to get an idea of a lot of dogs in your area and set your preferences for the kind of dog that best suits your lifestyle. Choose your activity level, from couch potato to marathoner, or your pup’s size, from small to extra large. After you’ve found some that you love, go give them a visit.

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2. Tinder for Shoes: Let’s get real. Your date for Friday night isn’t nearly as important as what shoes you will wear on the date. Stylect lets you pick your new favorite pair of sandals or stilettos with a swipe. The app has 50,000 pairs to pick from and will let you know when your favorite pairs go on sale, so you won’t miss out on major savings on major style.

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3. Tinder for the Job Hunt: Potential employers and employees can use Jobr to make the perfect professional match. When you drop your info in the app, you’ll be added to a virtual stack of resumes for recruiters to search for and swipe through way quicker than the time it takes to open your email and download your resume.

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4. Tinder for Fashion: This is like shopping straight from your favorite fashion blog or magazine. Just swipe through different looks, and Blynk will learn your preferences and pitch outfits based on what you like. Piece by piece, you can stock your closet with looks inspired by your favorite fashion muses and treat every day like it’s your own personal runway.

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5. Tinder for Deciding What to Eat: “What do you want to eat?” “I don’t know. What do you want to eat?” Sound familiar? This is one of the most dreaded conversations ever, which is sad, because talking about food should always be fun. Swipe about it instead with Lettuce. Look through restaurants in your area to be reminded of old favorites or to discover some new grub.

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6. Tinder for your Camera Roll: No one takes the perfect selfie or #foodporn pic on the first try. No one. That means you probably have a ton of duplicates, not to mention accidental inside-your-purse pics filling up your Camera Roll and using up some valuable storage space on your smartphone. To take the headache out of going through all of those photos, Flic lets you decide in real time what to delete and what to keep with a swipe.

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7. Tinder for Your Twitter Feed: No, Twindr does not match you with single people who you follow on Twitter, but it does help you de-clutter your feed so you can see more of what you actually want to see and less live tweeting of morning routines (unless that person is Donna Meagle on Parks and Rec, in which case, FOLLOW!).

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8. Tinder for Questions: Remember Jelly? It’s okay. Not a lot of people do. It’s a platform where you can ask the universe (aka people on the app) a question about anything and get answers. Qu is a new approach to the same idea, letting people ask and view questions about anything. Want to know what kind of cheese goes best on a breakfast burrito? Or how about the meaning of life? Just swipe to get the conversation going.

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9. Tinder for Doggie Playdates: Among the list of things to get done before a trip, finding someone to watch your dog can be one of the most annoying. This app is one way to ensure that you’re leaving your pup with someone who gets two paws up. Sniffer lets you swipe through local people who can board your dog or just accompany you and your pup for a play date.

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10. Tinder for NYC Apartment Hunting: If apartment hunting is a full-time job, then apartment hunting in NYC is an overtime one. Ditch the broker, cancel those PadMapper alerts and get off Craigslist. You can swipe through your new potential living options with ease using Skylight. We’re hoping this app becomes available in more cities soon, but they definitely started where they’re needed most.

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11. Tinder for Food Delivery: Get free delivery from a whole bunch of local restaurants with only a swipe. FoodNow lets your click through specific dishes until you find just what you’re craving, and then you can order right from the app. There’s even a picture of your food so you can see exactly what you’re ordering.

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12. Tinder for Choosing a Baby Name: Listen up: Picking a baby name is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make… or at least it will feel like that. In order for you and your partner to get the ball rolling (as far away from Nutella as possible), Babyname lets you swipe through potential names, and just like with dating apps, it shows you ones that you both swiped right on.

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13. Tinder for Double Dates: If you and your BFF want to take more of a buddy-system approach to dating, try out Double and swipe around until you get matched with another pair of folks looking for a double date.

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14. Tinder for Online Articles: The team at Buffer created a new way to discover articles you want to read and save them. With Daily, just swipe away, and any articles you’re interested in are saved for you to read later.

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How do you like to swipe? Let us know what you think of these swiping apps in the comments!