Mixing prints is one of those trends street-style stars seem to pull off effortlessly, but the rest of us find a bit challenging. Well, this spring, we鈥檙e feeling empowered and are done with the 鈥淚 can鈥檛 pull that off鈥 excuse. To prove to everyone, including yourself, that you can rock any look like a pro, you need a little pre-planning and a few key tips to keep in mind. Since the fashion insider crowd has this look on lock, we鈥檙e using them as a cheat sheet, of sorts. Ahead, your guide to getting the pattern mixing thing mastered.

1. Treat leopard like a neutral. From its neutral color palette to its classic status, leopard makes for an easy-to-mix print that goes with just about anything. Try it with florals, subtle checks, plaids, and more, and you鈥檒l instantly see what we mean. If you鈥檙e apprehensive, go for a leopard spotted accessory to start, like a handbag or a killer pair of shoes.

2. Stick with a limited color palette. The quickest way to make combined prints look cohesive is to keep them in the same color family. Graphic houndstooth and subtle plaid play perfectly together when they鈥檙e done in matching neutral hues.

3. Play with scale. Avoid visual overload by pairing patterns of different sizes. Rocking a bold tropical print? Balance it out with a jacket in a smaller, daintier repeat.

4. Play with the same print in different hues. A shared pattern can easily become the common thread that pulls a look together. Exhibit A: Combining three polka dot pieces in different colors makes for one successful outfit.

5. When in doubt, start with black and white. Using this classic combo as your outfit foundation means pretty much any pattern you add will work like a charm, no matter the hues. Pro tip: Graphic stripes and an organic floral print are a match made in opposites-attract heaven.

6. Pull it together with one common color: Have two florals you love equally and can鈥檛 choose between the two? Don鈥檛. As long as there is one shared color between your pieces, you can usually make a stylish connection. Adding solid accessories in that hue helps to bring it all home.

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(Feature Image via Edward Berthelot/Getty)