Last week, we posed the question: Who is your favorite makeup blogger? We asked this because we’ve found that you all seem to love our beauty-related roundups and posts, and we wanted to know what other folks out there you love to check out. Well, the votes are in, and we’re happy to present the top 5 beauty bloggers, according to you!

1. The Beauty Department: Started in part by Lauren Conrad, The Beauty Department is one of our favorite beauty blogs too! The tutorials on the site are incredibly easy to follow, and range from covering the basics to more complicated specialty techniques. Expect to see a lot of fun tape-related nail art tutorials, pretty eyeliner, and reviews of all sorts of products you might want to try.

2. Michelle Phan: This YouTube sensation is more than just a talented hair and makeup artist, she’s built an entire brand. We actually got to hear from Michelle at Re:Make 2013, and all about her new makeup line, Em. What we love about Michelle is that she’s all one the map. She’ll teach you basics as well as extreme Halloween looks, and without losing any bit of her personality along the journey. Her knack for transforming her face into any face imaginable is pretty stunning.

3. Lily Pebbles: London-based Lily Pebbles created her blog as part of a project in university, and it’s evolved into a full-fledged beauty destination. Lily’s mix of product reviews and straightforward tutorials is no muss no fuss, a refreshing behavior in the beauty world.

4. Maskcara: A makeup artist from Utah, Cara’s blog is all about people and beauty. She combines her love of fashion with a plethora of helpful makeup tutorials for different face shapes, skin types, etc, and sprinkles the whole things with snippets from her life.

5. Essie Button: First of all, doesn’t this name sound straight out of Hunger Games? This blog is more about skincare and beauty tools than full-on tutorials. Her YouTube channel, however, is packed with tons of product reviews, simple tutorials and more. Her realistic and relatable approach to beauty is what makes her channel stand out.

What websites do you turn to for beauty advice? What types of tutorials would you like to see here on Talk to us in the comments below.