Get this. The average person spends 15 minutes every single day looking for something. We’re no mathematicians, but that’s 100 hours a year and like a year of your entire life. That’s basically a trip around the world that you’ve spent looking for your keys.

Don’t think about that. Let’s move onward and upward. And straight toward TrackR.

Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking. We’ve already clued you into a multitude of trackers for all your absentminded pleasure. But this one is a little different. Firstly, it comes in a couple of different variations.

The first, Wallet TrackR is thin enough to fit in the cardholder of your wallet. The use is pretty self explanatory, but if you need us to paint you a picture… imagine you went to the bar and had lots of lovely cocktails. You take out your wallet to pay, and after you sign the bill you leave your wallet on the table only to be thrown into a panic when you’re picking up your latte the next morning. The panic would still be there, but it would be quickly quelled with a quick look at your phone to confirm your wallet’s location, followed by a phone call, followed by a sheepish trip back to the bar. We know. It’s never happened to you. (We tell our moms the same thing.)

The last and probably most versatile due to its size is the StickR. It’s just what it sounds like. A fat sticker that can be stuck to anything –– remote controls, glasses, fabric scissors –– any item that has a tendency to walk off.

Besides the trio of sizes, we’re pretty stoked that you can track more than one device at a time and that TrackR’s prices make it affordable for you to do just that. Get one wallet Trackr for $30. Or, the particularly forgetful can get a four pack for $80. Happy hunting no more.

What do you think about TrackR? Let us know in the comments below.