Sometimes important things get lost. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault! Car keys throw themselves away, and wallets grow legs and walk off. And if anyone has ever lost a wandering dog, you know just how hectic life can be when you lose something very meaningful to you.

In an effort to spend less time tracking down our valuables, we thought we’d fill you guys in on four different apps and wireless locators to help you keep track of all your essentials. Lost, meet found.

1. BiKN ($130): First up is the BiKN. This one is an obvious favorite because it comes in very colorful options. Another advantage of the BiKN is that it works two ways: your phone tracks your things, and your things track your phone. Because sometimes that lost item IS your phone. We also love that the BiKN phone case ensures you can locate items even when your phone is dead. For now, the BiKN is only available to iPhone users but we’re crossing fingers for a Windows and Android version soon.

2. Stick-N-Find ($70): Next in line is a product we posted about a couple of months ago, the Stick-N-Find. We love that the Stick-N-Find locator chips are so small and unobtrusive. The virtual leash feature makes it a great solution for pet lovers. This handy technology sends you an alert if your pet wanders outside of a predetermined range. (Perfect for my own rambunctious pup, Pixel.) The Stick-N-Find is available for all you Android and iPhone users.

3. Cobra Tag ($60): The Cobra Tag has many of the same features as the BiKN and The Stick-N-Find, but comes in at a much nicer pricepoint. Like the BiKN, it has two-way finding functionality. Your phone tracks your stuff, and your stuff tracks your phone. The PhoneHalo feature is one of the biggest advantages of the Cobra Tag. It automatically locks your phone if you go outside of the range of your tagged item. Cobra Tag is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users.

4. hipKey ($90): We’re digging the hipKey for it’s sleek Apple-like design. It triggers an alarm each time you’re out of range of your tagged items. Phone alarms can be scarring, but the hipKey alarm is pleasant — you can give it a try on their website. The app interface is easy to use, and has great maps integration. hipKey is only available for iOS. You can even snag one at the Apple Store.

We are rearing to try all four of these lost-and-found devices and have heard positive reviews about each. Have any of you guys used one of ’em? We’d love to hear your thoughts and reviews!

Would you ever use a wireless locator to keep track of your stuff? Tell us which one you love the best and why. You can hit us up in the comments below, or over on Twitter.