Tech enthusiast and angel investor Annie Kadavy is no stranger to bringing stale and stagnant businesses into modern times. Just look at her work with industry innovators like Warby Parker and ClassPass. So when it came to her own home makeover, Kadavy was keen on bringing her historic 1900s walkup into the future in a truly fresh way.

“The house was built right before the big earthquake that hit San Francisco,” explains Kadavy, “so it’s been remodeled several times over the last hundred-plus years. It’s like a lot of San Francisco homes, with all of the original moldings, but our style’s a bit more modern. We were really looking for help to bridge those two looks.”

Though a pro in the business world, Kadavy was less confident flying solo when it came to interior design. So she and her husband, Kelton, looked to the designers at Laurel & Wolf for help in retaining the old world charm of the home while simultaneously embracing a more modern style.

The Before

The After

Designing the space involved a give-and-take between the Kadavys, as Kelton was strictly focused on sports-viewing functionality, while Annie was more intent on ensuring the space came together holistically. So in the name of compromise, Annie gave in to dual sofas, but on the condition that she could accessorize with chic items that were more stylish and less practical.

The finished living room is a true blend of old and new, just how Annie had envisioned. The crystal chandelier honors the home’s classical history, while the ceramic antlers mounted on both sides of the bay windows bring a spunky, modern flair to the space. For added personality and design, an assortment of books, various trinkets, and florals fill the room’s built-in bookcases.

The room’s new design offers seating for over 10 guests at a time and countless conversation pieces. It’s no wonder that their house is now the neighborhood’s new, hip hang-out. “That was one of the reasons we moved into this home,” she says. “We wanted it to be a place where we could scale up the number of people that we have in that room, but not have it feel too crowded.”

The Kadavy’s love their new space, but most importantly, what do their guests think? “We have a lot of friends, especially single guy friends, who come over and are like, ‘Oh my god you’re such grown ups,’” Annie says.

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(Photos via Laurel & Wolf)