There are so many wonderful things about online shopping. You don’t have to move from your couch (or bed), brave traffic, and make small-talk with sales people. However, because you aren’t in a physical store, you also can’t try stuff on until you’ve paid for it and it’s delivered to your doorstep. At least, that’s how it used to be. Now there are services like Amazon Prime Wardrobe that let you try before you buy. However, they’re generally restricted to the retailers that offer them. lets you try on clothing from any online retailer before you pay for the items.

When was first introduced two years ago, you could only use the service at a few online retailers. Now, however, the company is in public beta and has expanded to everywhere credit cards are accepted. Until the beta is up, memberships are only $2.99 per month (after that, prices rise to $8.25 per month). You simply install the Chrome extension, verify your account, and add your email and banking info.

After that, you can shop as you normally would. When you go to click “add to cart,” simply click the blue “try for free” button instead (if the button doesn’t show up, you can do it manually by clicking the extension in your toolbar). You’ll have seven days to try the items and then return whatever you don’t want. Whatever you keep will get automatically deducted from the bank account you have on file with No more paying for stuff you’re not even sure will fit; now you can just order a few sizes at once without needing all the cash upfront.

If you want to avoid paying shipping since doesn’t cover it, make sure you grab the minimum dollar amount worth of items on the site. Choose carefully, though; there’s a five-item limit from

Happy shopping!

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