We’re just gonna go ahead and say it: Passwords kinda suck. If you don’t have a system, secure passwords are hard to remember. You could use a password manager to keep them all organized and secure, but what if there were a simpler way? Like what if the mere sound of your voice gained you access to all of your password protected profiles and accounts?

As you know from watching lots of James Bond movies, large corporations and government agencies are already using voice authentication. Now, however, Twilio has partnered with VoiceIt, a cloud-based service for web and app voice authentication, to make this secure technology available to anyone coding on the Twilio platform.

The name Twilio may sound familiar; their API is all over the place. They enable automatic text reminders for Airbnb hosts, route Hulu customer service calls and make sure texts to Uber customers waiting for a ride are delivered quickly.

By adding some lines of code, developers can program phone systems to authenticate a user based on their voice. Once voice authentication is enabled, you can enroll in the program by calling a number and following prompts that ask you to repeat certain phrases a few times. To log in, you call the number and say your phrase. Behind the scenes, an algorithm matches your voice to the stored recording. If it recognizes your voice, it logs you in.

Want to give it a try? You can see how the voice authentication account set up and login works by calling 316-854-1246. There’s also voice authentication code on the Twilio blog.

What do you think is the ideal way to log in to a site or app? Would you rather use your voice than a password? Share your comments below!