Heartbleed, that super destructive bug that revealed nearly everyone’s encryptions, passwords, user names and data to hackers has a new kryptonite. Say goodbye to the days of incessantly changing your passwords or, heck, trying to remember what they are in the first place. Say hello to a new technology that makes password creating and remembering crazy easy and totally safe.

LogmeOnce is a password storage and creation program that uses encrypted USB 2.0 technology to keep your passwords safely stored. LogmeOnce will create safe passwords for each of your many accounts and remember them for you. That’s right — all of your passwords, ever, on one USB drive.

The drive has a software suite and an online dashboard where you can safely manage all of your growing-longer-by-the-year passwords. From the drive, you can back up the information onto your computer or the cloud. The drive is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. And even better, the software has two-party authentication for access, and the dashboard is safe from Heartbleed.

The LogmeOnce Kickstarter campaign is seeking $50,000. They’ve currently raised around $10,000 and have two weeks left to go. Drive options include the original USB drive, a mini keychain version and a USB that charges iPhone and Android devices. LogmeOnce rewards a mini keychain drive for a $65 pledge.

Would you pledge $65 for this drive? What other tech management systems do you use? Tell us in the comments!