Going through and cleaning out your closet is just the beginning. Your logical side argues with the stubborn pack rat in you to wrestle away belongings. By the time they’re in bags, we’re only halfway there (so no back-patting yet). Now it’s time to take those bags of clothes and gently loved goodies from A to B, where B = a place that collects them for a good cause and A = that place you’re supposed to be spring cleaning. ‘Member that? Well, car service Uber is here to save the day.

For the second time this season, they’re blessing one city with the chance to chauffeur their Goodwill-bound clothes to… Goodwill! This sounds like a MUCH better use of Uber than your “don’t feel like walkin’ today” ways or getting them to write I <3 You in the sky for V-Day. This Saturday May 3, Manhattanites can use their Uber app to call an UberSUV driver to pick up old clothes to donate to Goodwill. For FREE. Easy peasy, just open up the app like normal between the hours of 10am and 4pm, request the “SPRING” option and a car nicer than the ones you’re used to will stop by.

If you live in Manhattan, you have no excuse not to send those bags laying around off to Goodwill — you gotta do it for the rest of us! And if you don’t have any bags but you DO have a closet in need of going through, get to it. This is pretty fab incentive!

Like we said, this is the second time this spring that Uber offered up this service, so we suggest downloading the app (find out if Uber is in your city here) even if you don’t plan to use it on the reg and keep it around for pop-up events like this. Until that glorious day, check in with local Goodwill-type organizations to see if they offer a pick-up service. And for the rest of us, specifically our friends with cars… who’s up for a brunch potluck/closet-cleaning spree followed by a carpool?!

How is YOUR spring cleaning going? Have a tip even better than Uber-ing your clothes to Goodwill to share + help out the rest of us?