Remember when you were a child and you yearned to build a treehouse? Or when you spent the night in a tent with friends, talking and pretending to be lost explorers in the forest? Let’s face it: everything in our childhood was an excuse to travel with your imagination. Luckily for our adult selves, there’s Airbnb. From treehouses to igloos, caravans to water towers, here are 14 crazy cool Airbnb accommodations that’ll make you want to skip that four-star hotel.

1. Charming Caravan (from $126): This vintage caravan is just as adorable inside as it is outside. A night spent here in France includes access to a swimming pool, a barbecue and even a home-cooked breakfast from the owner.

2. Glass Cabin (from $83): Someone in Brazil took recycling glass bottles to a whole new level when they made this one-of-a-kind, colorful home. It’s funky, it’s comfy and it’s built on a beautiful beach.

3. Bell Tent Camping (from $140): We cannot get enough tents, forts and teepees in our lives. That’s why we’re loving this beautifully bohemian tent, which is set up in the gorgeous and historical Norfolk, UK. Talk about paradise!

4. Medieval Castle (from $515): This eclectic castle in the United Kingdom is known locally as the Dragon House. An entire holiday in this crazy structure isn’t sufficient time to discover all of its unexplored corners. Just look at those doors!

5. Igloo (from $336): Iceberg: right ahead! You can literally come face-to-face with gorgeous glaciers when you stay in these igloos on the edge of Greenland.

6. Beautiful Boat House (from $300): This Chilean house was modeled after antique Polynesian boats. Not only does it have an incredible deck (outdoor party, anyone?), but it’s also got a tennis court and direct access to the beach.

7. Underhill Earth House (from $308): If you’re a fan of the historic Stone Age, you’ll love this Hobbit-style hut in New Zealand. Complete with huge wooden doors, this handmade home has views of both pond and farmland.

8. Water Tower Room (from $210): The next best thing to sleeping on clouds is staying in this modern round room in the sky. We don’t know what’s better: the funky, colorful furniture inside the wood slatted walls or the incredible 360 degree views of London.

9. Gas Station (from $400): Okay, so a renovated gas station may not be first on your must-travel list (or even on any list at all), but this super awesome space in New Orleans is too cool to pass up.

10. Beachfront Lighthouse (from $350): If being secluded is your idea of a relaxing vacation, check out this stunning Croatian lighthouse. The amenities are just what you’d want from a serene seaside space, including scuba diving in a nearby sunken ship.

11. Geodesic Dome (from $42): This newly built wood dome is smack dab in the middle of Bethlehem, Connecticut. It doesn’t have heat or power, but it definitely beats pitching a tent when you want to be one with nature!

12. Romantic Tree House (from $336): Remember that treehouse you pined for? This one’s better. This suspended space has a fabulous view overlooking a Tuscan landscape in a cute farming village.

13. Houseboat (from $210): If you’re looking to stay in the Netherlands, look no further than this truly modern houseboat built on one of the most famous canals in Amsterdam. Is it just us? Or does the interior look like it’s straight out of an Ikea catalog?!

14. A-Frame Cabin (from $45): California isn’t all sandy beaches and lush wineries: it’s also filled with the rustic wilderness. That’s where this hand-built, cozy cabin comes in. It features a full outdoor kitchen, wood-fired sauna, an organic garden and holistic massage options. Yes, please.

Would you forgo a hotel for one of these out-of-the-box accommodations? Let us know in the comments below!