Twitter gives us the 411 on *so many* things, from breaking news to the latest celeb feud (like Beyoncé fans getting mad at Kim K). And then funny Twitter accounts or hilarious memes (like the recent #TeaLizard meme) just make us laugh. Using the social site is also a cool way to learn some pretty weird and sometimes helpful stuff, especially if you follow the right bots. No, we’re not talking about the techy ones that’ll automate your workflow or maybe even try to steal your job in coming years (yikes). These bots are of the fun and friendly variety, ticking off life advice and snapshots of artwork that you’re sure to LOVE. Scroll on to fill your stream with entertainment and new knowledge from the nine Twitter bots we adore.


1. Hi i have advice, @nice_tips_bot: This cutely named bot offers lots of tips, tricks and life advice, which range from how to perfectly hard boil an egg to dealing with frenemies like a pro. We bet you’ll want to like or retweet a ton of this stuff; it’s just that practical and good.

2. Google Facts,@GoogleFacts: Google is a super trusted source for, well, pretty much everything. This great little bot ticks off interesting facts a few times per hour. Use your new knowledge to impress your friends at lunch or on your next date. Heck, one of these factoids might even help you eventually win trivia night.

3. Every Color,@everycolorbot: Designers, take note: This bot is about to become your new fave thing. It showcases a color swatch every hour, on the hour. Your inspo for a perfect palette might come sooner than you think.

4. Museum Bot,@MuseumBot: Anyone who loves the Metropolitan Museum of Art as much as we do will totally appreciate this rad bot that shares live snapshots of the gorgeous space and its collections four times a day. Visiting in person and trolling Insta aside, this unique perspective is the next best thing.

5. Poem.exe,@poem_exe: This Twitter-friendly poetry is a total delight when it pops into your stream, and is a solid swap for Accidental Haiku, which we miss terribly. We’re serious when we say that some of these are as good and contemplative as your go-to T-Swift lyric.

6. My Favorite Things,@FavThingsBot: This bot puts a hilarious spin on “My Favorite Things,” the ever popular song from The Sound of Music. Some of the variations are so downright hilarious that you’ll love sharing ’em with your followers or the fellow musical geeks in your squad.

7. Dear Assistant,@DearAssistant: OK, so we promised the bots on our list weren’t the techy kind inclined to take away jobs. Dear Assistant flirts with the line a tiny bit, but it’s basically like Siri for Twitter. Just like phoning a friend, you can use Dear Assistant’s power to get answers to questions about pretty much anything.

8. What the Fare,@WhatTheFare: Uber has made it easier to get a glimpse of how much of a hit your wallet is going to take getting from point A to B, but What the Fare is another solid option for calculating your trip. All you need to do is tweet @WhatTheFare with a command like “taxi fare from <> to <>” for a price quote. How handy.

9. Netflix Bot,@netflix_bot: Never miss a new Netflix show again. Nope, we’re not kidding. This bot tweets out the latest releases that you’ll want to add to your queue ASAP. Follow along to stay on top of all of the latest and greatest shows coming out, and get ready to spend some time on the sofa. Yas, girl.

Which bots do you follow on Twitter? Tweet us your faves to @BritandCo so we can follow ’em too!

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