Beyonce all but stopped time last night for the hour that was her HBO special, Lemonade, and she created an even BIGGER frenzy when it was announced shortly after that she had released a surprise album of the same name on Tidal. One person didn’t quite seem to have gotten the memo, though, and the Internet wasn’t too happy about it.

In what was either a stroke of either bad luck or horrible timing, Kim Kardashian released a series of um, artistic? bondage-esque tweets in a Kanye-style Twitter rampage around the same time the Lemonade news broke. Needless to say, the singer’s legion of fans were less than pleased.

In an ironic turn of events (though Taylor ultimately had the last word, you may recall Kim’s now-hubbie stealing the spotlight from a befuddled T-Swift in an outrage over Beyonce’s VMA loss), Kim K. is now being accused of attempting to bogart Bey’s thunder. Fans fired back at the reality starlet with lemon and bee emojis, or by outright taking aim at the stunt/Kim herself.

Ouch! Welp, it just goes to show, you don’t mess with the Beyhive — even if you’re capable of breaking the Internet yourself!

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h/t Marie Claire, Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty