If you don’t know what iBeacon is yet, we’re excited to tell you about it — and if you do know, we’re excited to dish about the latest, incredibly wearable way you’ll be able to use it. iBeacon is an indoor positioning system, which is a fancy way of saying that it’s tech that tips off nearby devices if you’re around and makes them do certain things. We love a more automated life! At-home, it could signal to turn off the TV or the lights whenever you leave the room (or how about turn on music when you arrive home ;). Out ‘n’ about, Apple-approved, Bluetooth-powered iBeacon will tip off stores that you’re browsing in them so they can send coupons and deals straight to your smartphone. All that and these stylish sunglasses are the latest way you can bring iBeacon into your life.

Tzukuri is crafting the first pair of glasses that will be embedded with iBeacon technology and certified under Apple’s MFi (Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod) program. Take these on your next shopping trip and certain stores will beam special deals and info about products you’re perusing right to you. If you accidentally leave them in the dressing room, the tech will let you track them down.

Never lose your favorite sunnies again — a miracle if you’re forever misplacing your shades. The sunglasses’ iOS app will alert you once you’re 16 feet away from them, then again at 32 and 50 feet.

And who would want to leave these beaut’s behind?! Each pair is handmade in Japan with mega high quality, polarized, anti-scratch lenses and 100% UV protection. Plus, the glasses don’t just protect you from the sun, they’ll harness solar power to keep them charged so they’re never “off.” The six designs are inspired by superstars like John Lennon, Grace Kelly and Tom Ford and the company plans prescription glasses in their future, though you could put your own lenses in these if you’re impatient.

We’ll keep an eye out for the campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo so you can get a pair of Tzukuri on your face ASAP. Glasses will ring in at around $230 USD for a special pre-order price with plans to ship around December 2014 or January 2015.

Would you wear techy sunglasses? What other accessory do you want to ping you if it’s lost?