We don’t want to hurt your current air conditioner’s feelings, but Quirky teamed up with GE to create a brilliant, innovative, sleek window A/C that’s going to make yours feel reeeally dumb. And probably not as pretty. Watch the video below and try to tell us you don’t get excited by an appliance…

See? Aros is a smart, savvy A/C window unit like no other. It connects with WiFi to let you control and monitor it from anywhere using Quirky’s Wink app on your phone, where you can already control your other gadgets and Quirky gizmos.

Yeah, yeah, you’re used to an A/C doing it’s job of cooling you down (it does that too, at 8,000 BTUs, not too shabby!) but Aros goes beyond that. It understands your schedule, location, budget and, yes, your needs. Aros will turn off when you leave in the morning and start cooling things down when you’re on your way back. It works to keep you and your home at the perfect temperature, while keeping track of energy usage and your bill.

It will even offer suggestions for how you should set it based on your budget and the weather. That means a happy you at home and a happier you when it comes to paying your electric bill every month.

With its flat-front face and touch capacitive buttons, Aros would be the most welcome air conditioning unit our modern dwellings have ever seen. Good ol’ retractable wings ensure it’s a perfect fit in every window.

What Quirky is quickly cornering the market on is providing you with the building blocks of a smart home, even if you’re a renter. A unit like Aros is a stand-out option for the Nest-free among us who may not be putting down roots in our dream house, or ready to make big purchases for our future one just yet. You can pre-order Aros now on Amazon for $300 to ship in early May, just in time for the heatwave you know is coming.

What steps have you made to smarten up your home? Would you try Aros? Turn up the heat below!