Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Nope, not true. No way. No how. It’s for everyone (collective aww). And while you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) express your love to everyone you walk past on the street, you should let your buds know that you’re pretty sweet on them. The best and more efficient way to do just that? Throw one heart-thumping V-Day party and watch them swoon over you. (Hey, love’s a two-way street.)

1. Invites: You want to set the mood with your invite. And the mood you’re setting with this DIY number is “this party is going to have you walking on gold, glittery air.” (via Style Me Pretty)

2. Ombre Floral Centerpiece: Admittedly, this might be a little over-the-top for your average Valentine’s Day party, but this is an inspiration roundup, so we’re going with it. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

3. Geometric Table Runner: We’re so sure that this table runner could be easily hacked. Just gather up a plain white runner, a ruler, painters tape, and some fabric paint. Done like dinner. (via 100 Layer Cake)

4. Be Mine Cutlery: Well, aren’t you detailed? You rocked out every detail down to the forks, spoons, and knives. (via Ruffled)

5. Golden Heart Macaron: Just when we thought macarons couldn’t be anymore ridiculously adorable, someone went and put freaking golden hearts on them. (via Cupcake Et Macaron)

6. Pomegranate Ice Cubes: While we love a good cocktail (or three), we totally respect that some people aren’t into getting into the spirits. That doesn’t mean the party in their glass has to suffer. Pomegranate ice cubes to the rescue. (via Two Loves Studio)

7. Gilded Ombre Cake: Good lord! This is the most beautiful cake. Ever. And your friends will never, ever, ever stop talking about it. (via Ruffled)

8. Hanging Hearts: Your party needs this. Use it as the cutest wall hanging in the universe or trick out a photo booth. Pretty please trick out a photo booth. This level of epic needs to live on forever. (via Fox In The Pine)

9. Ombre Glitter Champagne Bottles: Is it worth blinging out champagne bottles that are ultimately going to end up in the trash? Look at the photo. The answer is obviously yes. (via Julia’s Poppies Design)

10. Gold Rimming Sugar ($4): If we were giving an award for a party element that gives you the biggest bang for your buck (both time and money wise), rimming a cocktail glass would take home the honors.

11. Rose Yogurt: Pals who don’t have a sugar-fueled tooth will forever be singing your praises for providing a little less sweet treat. Not to mention… so pretty. (via Food and Cook)

12. Mazurek With Almonds and Rose Petals: Can someone please translate this recipe into English for us? In the meantime, we suggest sprinkling rose petals on any sort of flat bread and just enjoying the stunning view. (via Kwestia Smaku)

13. Rosé Salad: Not only does this dish look delish, but it matches the decor. Fate. (via Taste With the Eyes)

14. Tassels ($33): We know, we know. You’ve seen Confetti System’s tassel garland everywhere and hacked by everyone, but there’s a reason for that. They’re awesome, and now that others have figured out how to replicate them, they’re much easier on the pocketbook.

15. Make-Your-Own Valentine Station: A party curated by Brit + Co. that doesn’t have a DIY element to it? You better believe your guests will be crafting while cocktailing. (via Restyle Source)

16. Macaron Party Favors ($10): Party favors are totally above and beyond, and people take note of that. These little takeaways will shoot them to the moon in appreciation. You always were a sweet one. (via Restyle Source)

How are you getting your Valentine’s Day party started? Show us some love in the comments below!