Okay, so you decided at the last minute that you’re hosting an epic Galentine’s Day party. No biggie. You’ll just need loads of V-Day decor to get you event ready. If you’re drawing a blank on where to buy Valentine’s Day decor, don’t fret. We found a few adorable DIY projects that are perfect for February 14 and beyond. Choose from these fun and flirty wall art DIYs to get your home or venue pretty in pink, just in time for V-Day.

air plant

1. DIY Air Plant Wall Art: Love is in the air (plants) with this adorable Valentine’s Day-inspired wall art. Get the look by painting wooden squares in romantic shades, hammering in some nails and tying string around them to hold your air plants in place. (via Brit + Co)

tasseled heart

2. DIY Tasseled Heart: Know someone who’s getting married on V-Day? What better decoration for when you tie the knot than this tassel knotted heart? Tie your tissue tassels around a heart-shaped frame and throw in some metallic gold tassels for some added dimension. (via Hostess With the Mostess)

Giant Floral Typography

3. DIY Giant Floral Typography Wall Art: Are you ready for decorations that smell as amazing as they look? To pull off this giant garden-inspired look, cut each of your initials out of cardboard, then use wire to attach fresh flowers and a garland to your cardboard base. Ta-Da! Your very own love bouquet. (via Paper & Stitch)

gold wall hanging

4. Gold Leather Heart DIY Wall Hanging: Wear your heart on your (recycled) sleeve! Put your old clothes to good use with this neat little DIY project. Cut out heart shapes from gold pleather, glue it onto your recycled fabric banner and hang it up over the drinks table. Make a whole set for a cute way to clear out the closet. (via Sarah Hearts)

gold glitter heart

5. DIY Gold Glitter Heart: You can make your own glittered heart or buy one from a craft store. Paste it against a bright pink background for that extra pop of color. It makes for an excellent photo booth if you go big, or a cute way to call attention to the dessert table if you make a few smaller versions. (via Nest of Posies)

Arrows Wall Hanging

6. Valentine’s Day Arrows DIY Wall Hanging: Craft cupid’s artillery with this combo of blush, black, white and gold tones. Throw in a few random patterns for an eclectic look that’s part preppy, part boho chic. (via Nalle’s House)

alphabet love

7. Alphabet DIY Wall Art: Master your ABCs with a hidden love note by spray painting all but the special three paper mache letters. You can go with a pink and red theme for V-day or stick to a color scheme that complements your existing decor and leave it up all year round. (via Crafts Unleashed)

bleeding hearts

8. Bleeding Hearts DIY: Here’s a quick and easy look you can whip up if you have a watercolor set. Choose from red, pink or purple and blend away for a completely unique bleeding effect. (via Meri Cherry)

love sign

9. Gold Plywood Love Sign DIY: X marks the spot with this plywood V-day DIY that would look perfect over the mantel. Paint your slab of wood for a pretty pop of color or keep it simple like this one. There’s no wrong way to DIY. (via Atilia)

watercolor heart

10. DIY Watercolor Heart: Capture all the whimsical feels of falling in love with an abstract watercolor heart. Bust out your watercolor set for this dreamy effect. (via Nest of Posies)

Giant Geometric Wall Heart

11. Giant Geometric Heart DIY: Go big with this GIANT heart made up of triangle pieces in three different colors. You’ll want to randomly place your colors to keep it interesting. (via Oleander and Palm)

12. DIY Heart-Shaped Wreath: Winter weather calls for a warm fluffy wreath, even after the holidays are long gone. Decorate your front door with this fuzzy heart wreath that’ll welcome your guests as soon as they arrive. (via Fynes Designs)

xoxo wall hanging

13. Gold Leather XOXO DIY Wall Hanging: Minimalist looks never go out of style. Your S.O. will get the message with this sweet and simple banner. Slap some gold pleather onto a white fabric banner with fabric glue, then hang it over the doorway to your party. (via Sarah Hearts)

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