Our parents always told us to never play with our food, and we totally get that — to a certain degree. We think we’ve finally found a food art photo series they’ll actually approve of. You see, this one doubles as a vitamins and minerals lesson.


Lithuanian artists Andy Diak and Julia Malanuk recently collaborated to create “Vitamins,” a colorful, fun and educational food typography series. The 22-piece series consists of a delicious combo of vitamin and mineral symbols shaped by the foods containing high levels of each particular one. After staring at these long enough, we kinda wish we could take each piece and throw it in a juicer.


From manganese made up solely of coffee beans to potassium created with essentially an entire fruit bowl, your eyes will definitely be getting an overload of vitamins and minerals. Now it’s time to actually get your daily dose via intake ;)


Which food product were you most shocked to find was filled with a particular vitamin or mineral? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Foodiggity)