As January starts to come to a close, we’re guessing some of you are struggling with your clean eating New Year’s resolutions. Have no fear, as we are too — it’s hard to avoid all the delicious snacks in the workplace. And the wine… always the wine. Luckily for everyone’s waistline we recently discovered an Instagram foodie who will push us to the right plate. Hopefully.


Amalia Bussard, an art student at Maryland Institute College of Art, began her clean eating journey five years ago, removing unnatural and processed food from her diet. Since then, she has set out to encourage people to live a healthier and more wholesome lifestyle by meshing her two passions: food + art. Her creations look so delicious, we’re positive you can recreate them and not miss those food guilty pleasures.


Through her Instagram, The Wholesome Bowl, Amalia posts her “food art mandalas” on a daily basis. These culinary art pieces, ranging from breakfast all the way to dessert, consist of solely vegan or vegetarian food items. We told you this girl was all about clean eating. And she’s gonna motivate you to take a trip down that path as well.


Like any artist, every piece Amalia produces and shares with her followers (then hopefully eats) has a description attached. These descriptions are way better than the ones you’ll find at a museum, because they detail everything in the shot so you can easily recreate your very own wholesome bowl. Yum!


Make sure to keep your eye (and stomach) on Amalia throughout 2015 and beyond to continue your own clean eating journey.

Will you be following The Wholesome Bowl to keep your clean eating New Year’s resolution on track? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Bored Panda)