We’ve never met a bag that wasn’t a spare change eater, a black hole for lip gloss, and especially a bottomless pit when it comes to finding our phones. And those equipped with iPhone-sized slots are even worse offenders during those times you’ve absent-mindedly placed your tech in the carryall’s main compartment, inducing pangs of panic when those specialized spots are unzipped and you find nothing. So two gals, who’ve likely suffered the same on-the-go annoyances, have come up with a pretty genius solution to losing your phone in your bag: turn your purse into a phone case.

Enter the Voye, a clutch-sized purse that integrates your phone into its design in a really accessible way, in the same vein as a phone wallet. Just lift the Voye’s metallic front flap to reveal the slot on the outer panel of the purse made to securely hold your iPhone 5 or 6 screen-side out. That means your phone is always ready for use (welcome back, two-thumb texting!) and never out of place. The same goes for your other bag essentials, too — magnets keep the panel closed even while you’re tweeting so that your sunnies, earbuds and other totables don’t slip out.

You’ll never even have to take your phone out of your bag to take pictures. The Voye is equipped with a camera tunnel so that your lens can capture whatever’s happening through your purse. Cool, but we have to wonder, what happens to loose contents when your bag’s in its flash-ready state? Also cool is its built-in notification system, which illuminates the “V” logo on the front cover every time you receive a new message. But since bags are rarely at eye-level and instead almost always in your hands, a vibration alert may have proven to be more useful (note for V2!).

Regardless, the Voye is just another example of how tech is changing the way we interact with our world, especially fashion. It’s a wearable for women who hate wearables (though that may not be your opinion too much longer), integrating the tech you already own/can’t live without into your wardrobe in a stylish and functional way. Get your hands on the Voye as early as January if it hits its hefty Kickstarter goal of $133,315. You can pledge $88 for iPhone 5 or 5s or $97 for iPhone 6.

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