We're all about finding the best ways to combine being a total tech geek and a savvy fashionista. Last week, we served up 12 stylish purses that double as laptop bags, and today we're happy to share the ultimate tech-meets-style bag collection for gals on the go: Versetta.

Comprised of a Professional Collection, a Fashion Collection, and a Vacation Collection (coming soon), Versetta is revolutionizing how ladies can securely and easily use their iPad no matter where they are.

When women use their iPads while commuting or traveling, they often rest their iPad on top of the purse anyway, and there's always a bit of nervousness about leaving it somewhere or worrying that it might slip out of your hand or purse when you get to your final destination. Plus, being able to reference your iPad without taking it all the way out of your bag is oh-so-convenient.

Essentially, they've taken a sleek iPad case and attached it to a matching handbag. While this combo seems ripe for a little DIY action, why DIY when it's already so well done by Versetta? Each bag has a front pocket for your iPad. Slip it in, and either unzip or unbutton the front flap to easily access your calendar, email, browser, etc.

Perfect for the uber-professional, the Norino Attache runs for $229 and comes in Black, Tan and Cordovan Brown.

We're partial to the chic Serena ($189), which comes in Pink, Coral and Yellow.

Combine this with Adobe Creative Cloud and you've got a fully functional on-the-go office! What do you think of the Versetta? Awesomely convenient? Kind of unnecessary? Want a version for your MacBook Air? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or find us on Twitter.