If you’re a bride-to-be and you haven’t hopped on the pallet decor trend, now is the time. Wooden platforms are super cheap and easy to come by, and create awesome, rustic-chic looks. Use ’em to hang flowers, as a photo booth backdrop, or for a budget-friendly seating solution. The options are endless (and inexpensive!), so start fueling your wedding decor dreams RN with these 12 pretty possibilities.

Pallet Ceremony Backdrop

1. Blossoming Backdrop: Add dimension to your ceremony backdrop with pallets and bunches of florals and ferns. Go for this fresh, springy take, or experiment with dark blooms and string lights for a romantic vibe. (via Candice Benjamin Photography / Love & Lavender)

Pallet Furniture

2. Pallet Couch Hack: With piles of pallets and a few cushions, you can elevate an outdoor cocktail hour with a rustic lounge. Finish off the cozy nook with geometric throw pillows and a clear curtain. (via Yasmin Khajavi Photography / Style Me Pretty)

Pallet Floral Arrangement

3. Pallet Party Up Top: Blooms cascading from a ceiling fixture make for a lush and stunning display. Place the “chandelier” over the bridal party table to direct all eyes to the happy couple. (via Brooke Allison Photo / Wedding Chicks)

Pallet Wedding Sign

4. Memorable Signs: Repurpose the wood to make whimsical, low-cost signage. The best part? You can totally keep ’em as home decor mementos from your special day. (via Brinton Studios)

Beach Tables

5. Boho Beach Tables: How romantic is this oceanside setup!? Copy it by grabbing plenty of pallets and stacking ’em in the sand for the dreamiest reception dinner ever. (via Stephanie Michelle / Wedding Chicks)

Directional Sign

6. Chalkboard Charm: Paint the top slats with chalkboard paint to point your guests in the right direction — or just welcome them in the most charming way ever. (via The Collective Photographers / Style Me Pretty)

Bar Sign

7. Tiny Pallet Bar Menu: Here’s a creative way to display your drink menu. Simply hang a mini pallet with the options above the bar and add string lights to draw attention to the list. (via Anna Page Photography / Style Me Pretty)

Table Runner

8. Standout Table Runner: Forget what you think you know about table runners. A pallet wood installation combined with your favorite blooms is *exactly* what your summertime wedding needs. (via Love Made Visible / Ruffled)

Pallet Rustic Bar

9. Build-a-Bar: The best reception bar is the one that you can deconstruct and rebuild at home afterwards! For extra va-va-voom, drape garlands of greenery around it and set candles on top. (via Conforti Photography / MODwedding)

Pallet Lemonade Stand

10. Mini Drink Station: Create a pre-wedding self-serve drink station to keep guests hydrated on a hot, hot day. Large mason jar dispensers will give your soiree some bonus vintage vibes. (via Le Fabrique A Mariage)

Pallet Wedding Wall

11. Set the Scene: Your reception is the time to go big, so deck it out! A giant wall of wooden platforms will transform a basic tent into a dreamy venue in a snap. (via Nikki Meyer / Southbound Bride)

Pallet Photobooth

12. Photo Booth Backdrop: Here’s an epic photo booth that’s a cinch to make. Just stack a few pallets vertically and drape it with totally boho fringe. Hello, Insta-worthy setup. (via Jake and Necia Photography / Style Me Pretty)

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